• Client input session
• Strategy and analysis
• Content online
• Navigation map
• Clients Approval
• Schedule Development
• Approved by Client

Discovery sessions will incorporate need analysis and the collection of pre-production information. This stage will help produce definition of all ideas/assets neede to begin the project. From this a preliminary site map and Internet strategy will be produced providing a guide for design and subsequent stages.

• Internal Concepting
• Creative Design
• Concepts Presented
• Clients Comments
• Clients Approvals

From the Discovery stage, several looks will be designed to optimize consumer convenience and artistry. When the look and feel of the web site or advertising media meets the demands of our clients, we will proceed to the development stage.

• Graphic Development
• Graphic Optimization
• Site Programming
• Database Integration

• Staging Site Uploaded
• Testing and Debugging

Most important of all is the testing and optimization phase, which will be a process of identifying bugs and insuring the stability of all installed applications - HTML template connectivity to backend databases. This is all in addition to browser and platform testing.

• Final Approval
• Site goes LIVE